A new solution for a new way of living


Background Problem

Covid19 has made remote working “socially acceptable”. Those who had been adopting a remote lifestyle even before 2020, will understand straight away the meaning of this sentence. 

Digital nomads, location independent people, remote workers..these are just some of the definitions used to describe a niche that has been fast growing over the last decade and that will continue to do so with some expecting 1 billion individuals globally to adopt a borderless lifestyle by 2035.

In other words, this means that the problems experienced by this niche will soon be felt by many more and one problem felt by me (and many people I know who live a borderless life), is definitely related to global housing.

After years of working remotely and moving from one Airbnb to another around the world, we realised how painful and inefficient is the whole process of mid term stays (1-6 months): end up paying touristy prices and rarely find a place that ticks all the boxes. When we started thinking about ways to make this financially more efficient and tailored to us, the first and most obvious thought we had was this: “How could we own a place everywhere we go?”. Surely, we had to scrap that plan immediately considering the cost element of buying several properties around the world but we started thinking about ways to invest in real estate globally instead of renting so that we could make our borderless life financially more efficient when it came to housing..


When trying to find a solution to our problem, we imagined the possibility of virtually having a home available everywhere we went.

Next, we broke down the idea of home ownership and analysed what in our opinion are the essential reasons why people have bought homes traditionally: 

  1. Investment (financial aspect): Real estate is a stable investment asset that should be part of any investment portfolio, offering potential income generation and capital appreciation
  2. Access (comfort aspect): The other key obvious reason why people end up buying a home they can live in, it’s because they “like” that specific property. As simple as that  
  3. Community (emotional aspect): Finally, people buy homes which tend to be located not too far from their work and possibly in a place where they are likely to have a group / community they belong to 


Solution Overview

Covago is a personal finance and lifestyle solution for remote professionals allowing them to invest in real estate to earn passive income and cashback to spend on stays globally. 

We are the first solution ever made available that combines investment into real estate assets with global access to exclusive properties, separating the “investment asset” from the “access asset”, meaning that the asset you are investing in is not necessarily the asset you are staying at. By doing this, we can maximise the returns on investment for our customers and provide a tailored in-stay experience to them. 

Specifically, the way we address the three “pillars” described above is the following: 

  1. Investment: We partner with established local real estate investment partners with strong track records and secure highly liquid and exclusive income generating opportunities for our customers
  2. Access: We build bespoke accommodation solutions based on individual preferences by tapping into the local network of properties to provide our members with access to exclusive deals. Whether you are looking to stay in an elegant city apartment, a charming house near the ocean or in a cool co-living space we can systematically provide you with better rates on your stays 
  3. Community: We offer access to a global supportive community of like minded individuals with the possibility to unlock a number of benefits, partnerships and much more 

Current Offering 

We have started our invite-only beta in Lisbon and already have customers using our service.   

Why Lisbon? A combination of unique factors make Lisbon (and Portugal overall) a very attractive location for remote professionals: a growing real estate market, stable political system, dynamic expats community, best surfing locations in Europe, amazing wine regions etc..

Having said that, we are already working on more international locations to launch soon. 


Would you like to learn more? 

If you are interested in joining our beta or simply learn more about Covago, you can request an invitation, schedule an introductory call or reach out to arcangelo@covago.io



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