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    Invest in real estate, earn passive annual income and diversify your portfolio

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    Get access to exclusive properties around the world and save up to 40% on stays

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    Tired of spending your money on mid term rentals around the world?

    Ever thought about making your borderless life financially more efficient and investing in real estate instead of renting?

    A modern product for modern times

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    We partner with established local real estate investment partners with strong track records and secure highly liquid and exclusive income generating opportunities for our customers

    We build bespoke solutions based on individual preferences by tapping into the local network of properties to provide our members with access to exclusive deals

    Join a global curated community of like minded individuals to unlock networking opportunities, partnerships and much more

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    28 December

    A new solution for a new way of living

      Background Problem Covid19 has made remote working “socially acceptable”. Those who had been adopting a remote lifestyle even before 2020, will understand straight away the meaning of this sentence.  Digital nomads, location independent people, remote workers..these are just some of the definitions used to describe a niche that has been fast growing over the […]

    By arcangelo-passaro

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Covago is a personal finance and lifestyle solution for remote professionals allowing them to invest in real estate without being tied to one place 


    Covago partners with local established players with a strong track record to bring you the best real estate investment opportunities


    You will be able to access both equity and debt real estate investments.  


    Investments are generally structured around the creation of a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) of which investors will become shareholders


    You can exit your investment in a short timeframe, typically 6-12 months. 


    The amount of taxes due in the foreign country will depend on the local jurisdiction rules. On this aspect Covago will be able to provide some guidance. With regard to the taxes due at personal level, we encourage you to consult an international tax advisor before investing

    Covago doesn’t charge any fee to customers


    By tapping into our local network of property partners we are able to build custom accommodation solutions based on your preferences and budget. We negotiate better rates for our customers, securing discounts up to 40% on mid – long term stays. Whether you are looking for a modern city apartment, a countryside house, a co-living space or mountain cottage we have got you covered. 


    Our private beta is being run in Lisbon, Portugal, with more international locations coming soon

    Covago was founded by Arcangelo Passaro. He is currently based in Lisbon. Feel free to reach out

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